Days of the Dead is also available in paperback or for Kindle from

Copies of either book can be autographed when purchased directly from the author.

Days of the Dead  by James A. Jacobs
Per-copy price: $16.95
+ CA sales tax: $1.57
+ Shipping and handling: $4.95

   TOTAL (CA resident) $23.47
   TOTAL (non-CA resident) $21.90


How to order the books

Please pay by check or money order to: 
James A. Jacobs
16 E. Crescent Dr.
San Rafael, CA 94901

Transgressions is also available in paperback or for Kindle from

Email orders to:

TRANSGRESSIONS  by James A. Jacobs
Per-copy price: $14.95
+ CA sales tax: $1.37
+ Shipping and handling: $4.95

   TOTAL (CA resident) $21.27

   TOTAL (non-CA resident) $19.90